As many as 70% of people have what is known as "Leg Length Discrepancy", "Unequal Leg Length", or "Short Leg Syndrome".

Leg Length Discrepancy has been an enemy to runners for years.

Many individuals develop imbalances and pain as a result of Leg Length Discrepancy.

A number of CAUSES contributing to this condition, include but are not limited to:

          * Birth defects

          * Injury to growth plates during childhood

          * Surgically-induced differences following Hip or Knee replacement

          * Compensation for problems in feet, knee, hip, pelvis or spinal scoliosis

The quickest and simplest method of treatment is the use of Heel Lifts also known as Shoe Inserts. Heel Lifts better balance the lower body and decrease the body's compensation during heel strike, which can lead to symptoms of pain and premature joint degeneration.

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