Adjustable Heel Lift Ankle Sock

Adjustable Heel Lift Ankle Sock has a therapy pocket concealed inside the sock to hold your three-layer adjustable heel lift for secure placement. Comes in black and tan . Adjustable heel lift not included.


  • Adjustable heel lift without a shoe
  • Adjustable heel lift for flip-flops
  • Adjustable heel lift for sandals

*Price includes a single sock, Adjustable Heel Lift not included.

Product ID: #PLACS001

Size is measured to the circumference just above the ankle bone (talus).

NOTE: Manufacturer’s sizing runs large. You may consider ordering one size smaller. As an example; if your measurement is 9” and the Small is 8”-9” and the Medium is 9”-10” we would suggest ordering the Small.
Regarding Adjustable Heel Lift: Each layer is 1/8". thick for a total of 3/8".  The layers can be removed to meet the thickness you need.
Shipping on all orders in the U.S. is just $5
International orders $15

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